Welcome to the HYACINTH - Social Acceptance Management Toolbox (SAMT) for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies (HFC). This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) under grant agreement No. 621228.

The SAMT has been designed to provide practical advice to developers and/or sponsors of HFC technologies that they now intend to progress from a completed demonstration project or phase to full market acceptance and wide public adoption. This so called transition phase is often difficult to navigate and this tool contains information regarding the knowledge of and attitude to HFCs from 7000 members of the public throughout the EU and over 250 industrial and governmental stakeholders. This information is designed to help the developer to understand the concerns of the public who will be the target market for any proposed technologies and will, where appropriate offer advice from key players in the industry.

First you will be asked some questions about the type of technology you are interested in. You will then be given the opportunity to filter the results according to certain demographic data.

The results will be presented according to the key themes in the Technology Acceptance Framework (Ref). Areas of concern will be highlighted in RED and, where the relevant information and research exists, text will be provided which could explain how to improve acceptance levels in these areas.

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